The Family Pledge Impelemented in Gaza Strip

The Global Women Coalition for Al-Quds and Palestin (GWCQP), in cooperation with the Malaysian Women Coalitio (MWCQP) and Al-Khair Foundation, distributed a number of financial supoort to the needy families in Gaza, within 4 stages of the Family Plege project, implemented in January and February 2022


In the first stage, the project distributed healthy packages in the Gaza Strip that contain necessary feminin packages for the women in Gaza.


GWCQP implemented food packages project for a number of needy families in Gaza. Mrs. Khawla Suwahil, from Beit Hamoun City, recieved a financial support as part of the project that enabled her to open her own  sewing workshop to become a source of income for her family.


In addition, Mrs. Naifa Mohamed Hasanin has opened a bookahop in Zaitoun Neighborhood as part of the family project support. The project enabled her to provide the basic needs for her family. Also, her bookahop provided the statiinary requirements for the schools and students in her area, since it is the only bookshop to be open there.

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